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Serenity Remodel is a leading home remodeling contractor based in Pleasanton, CA providing high-end full home remodeling and renovation services throughout Bay Area including Pleasanton, Dublin, Danville, San Ramon and surrounding areas.

From swinging on the porch with your kids, to hosting your annual Memorial Day cook-out, building your dream home is closer than you think. Whether you’ve just started a new family, or simply want to start from scratch, we’ll help transform your vision into a reality.

Are you sick of your old, out dated home?  Do you need extra space for your family?  Do you want to be proud of your home again?  Well it’s time to renovate your home.  There are many renovation projects you can perform in your home.  The important thing is to think about a larger picture of your home.

You need to first determine the rooms that need remodeling and then start thinking about how they flow together. Incorporating similar design elements into each room will be key to creating continuity throughout your home. This is important in cases where you want to completely change the style of your home. Together, we can create a remodel that simply flows from room to room. Take the first step by walking through your house creating a list of the most needed renovations. Then, look at the adjacent rooms and determine if they will be affected. Once you create a scope of your project, contact us to discuss the details and we will go over our process.

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Over the years, Serenity Remodeling has provided homeowners in the Bay Area with high-quality home remodels. If you’re looking for full home remodeling services in the Bay Area, contact the premier team at Serenity Remodel for assistance.

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